I am a developer.

I create things.

Transform coffee into code.

Usually late at night.

I want to empower people.

Help them change the world.

One app at a time.

Michał Pałys-Dudek Michał Pałys-Dudek Michał Pałys-Dudek Michał Pałys-Dudek
Michał Andrzej
Family Name:
August 1st, 1986
Living in:
London, UK
MSc in IT and Econometrics, Wrocław University of Economics, grad year 2011

You don't need eyes to see - you need vision.

Faithless, "Reverence"

The Western World is a technology driven society. In 2016 there is no aspect of our life that hasn't been somehow influenced or altered by tech. We see it as a way forward and the very definition of our civilization. Technology empowers us, stimulates us and connects us.

It empowers us to do what was previously impossible. From faster travel and curing diseases to space exploration and instant communication. A single person from their garage can make a difference and affect the lives of millions.

It stimulates us to constantly do better. Through iteration and constant self-assertion, the evolution of technology never stops. Like artists who strive for perfection, no tech work is ever done.

And finally it connects us. Two people across the globe and every soul on the planet. It brings humanity together and gives everyone an equal voice.

We, the developers and the programmers, the shamans of the 21st century who speak mysterious languages and commune with the artificial minds that no one else understands, have a great responsibility towards the world.

We must care for our global village and never forget that we aren't the only ones living in it. We must share our privilege with everyone equally, otherwise it will be prone to abuse. Technology must include and enable - it must never exclude.

Our gift cannot be wasted. Just like nature brings joy, so should technology, but its power can be harnessed to do greater good. There are bigger issues we should be tackling.

The collective mind of the Web is an unprecedented entity with an unprecedented creative power. We are not only witness to its birth, but we are its makers. Therefore we must constantly challenge the direction in which it's evolving.

Accessibility is key. Great technology must not overwhelm, but subdue itself. With pure and focused experiences it needs no explanation. It is understandable from the very first interaction.

Great technology is in harmony with good design. The driving force behind tech is function, but it must not ignore the immeasurable. Through aesthetics it opens up and encourages to be used. Its' care for quality and detail must positively influence our psychological well-being.

The science behind great technology is hidden. It is transcendent in the way it reaches beyond the normal range of perception. At the same time it's built on a solid and reliable foundation and remains down to earth and controllable.

Creativity and solutions come with clean communication and full cooperation and the current Age of Communication encourages participation. It is our role, as the shamans of the 21st century, to create extraordinary technology that enables humanity to reach next levels.