Stay awhile and listen

Another year, another website.


"Oh, I really need to write about it!"

"I bet a lot of people would be interested in what I've just figured out!"

"Damn, if I only had a place to share my thoughts on this topic clearly..."

These - and many other - thoughts have been passing through my head at least twice a month for quite some time now. Having started my online career as an e-sports journalist writing was what I had always been doing. I loved sharing my thoughts, entertaining the readers, explaining different points of views or interviewing interesting people. But when web development has become my career choice there has been less and less topic I could write about and finally the author in me died off.

But since technology (and specifically programming) blogging has increased in popularity in recent years, I started thinking that it's time for me to brush up on that English grammar and start typing something else than code.

So here it is - a refreshed website of Michał Dudek, a developer, entrepreneur, open source contributor, "author", boyfriend fiancé, gamer, dog lover and most importantly a human.

Soon it will contain information about my projects, myself and some tools I developed and use.

And this blog will be a place for me to share my programming revelations, discoveries, tips, thoughts and opinions and whatever else will flow out of my consciousness at 2 A.M. My backlog of topics and notes to write about is quite long and needs to be published before it gets outdated.

I better get to it.

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